Your spa hotel in Lermoos with Alpine Panorama Spa and sun terrace

A LITTLE CLOSER TO HEAVEN... That is where you’ll be in the Alpine Panorama Spa at the Bellevue, your spa hotel in Lermoos. Earthly relaxation that feels heavenly... in the pool, in the saunas, in the relaxation room with the panoramic view or on the sun terrace.

PANORAMIC VIEWS THAT MAKE YOUR HEART SWELL... The mystical mood that is cast when the morning mist fills the valley... Splendid sunsets... The Zugspitz Arena bathed in a gentle red tint... Dancing snowflakes with a backdrop of white-capped mountains... The spectacle of the mountains is renewed each day, and every day they are the captivating backdrop for your relaxation in our unique spa hotel in Tyrol, Austria.

Heavenly relaxation - water & warmth

Familienhotel mit Wellness


Benefits for families

  • Children are allowed to use the swimming pool during its opening times, when accompanied by their parents. Children aged 13 and over are allowed in the sauna.
  • We have water toys such as quoits for diving and beach balls, swimming aids such as armbands and swim rings as well as swim nappies. Naturally, we also have bathrobes in all sizes.
  • The little ones love the water, too... Each week we invite you and your baby to baby and mini swimming with a trained baby swim instructor!

If you have experienced this feeling once, you will be forever seeking to feel it again. It’s the feeling on being on a special kind of relaxing holiday - the kind provided by Austria and other countries with mountainous regions. Sublime, light, free. And the view of the mountains works like a spell.

We want you to be able to experience this feeling in a very relaxed way, so we have created the SUN TERRACE - A LOUNGING AREA WITH A PANORAMIC VIEW, right at the top of our hotel. The view is simply unbeatable, at any time of day and in any direction. This unique panoramic view awakens a FEELING OF FREEDOM and of BEING AT ONE WITH NATURE - and indeed with the world.

GAZE INTO THE DISTANCE AND LET YOUR HEART SWELL... Experience the holistic relaxation of a holiday in Austria - at La Bellevue.

And you will think to yourself: “When I sit here, looking out over this incredibly beautiful valley, I can hear the birds in the sky, the splash of water and my own heart pounding with excitement about it all! It is second to none!

Now it’s time for you to focus on yourself and your relaxation. Let us care for your face, your hands and feet, or your whole body. We use warm aromatic oils with beautiful scents, cloth bundles filled with herbs, raw silk gloves... Hot stone massages, deluxe treatments... Have a look at our relaxing Alpine spa treatments and select all the treatments that will do you good. Why not treat yourself to a spa package with treatments over a period of three days?

When you are fully revived, radiant on the inside and the outside, you will have new energy for the most precious thing there is - your family.

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Pools & Saunas

Pools & Saunas

It feels so good. Treat yourself to an experience of water & warmth in Bellevue.

Ski holiday

Ski holiday

Our hotel transforms itself in winter into a great family ski hotel - located directly on the slope.

Summer holiday

Summer holiday

A region of superlatives offering fabulous nature and adventure experiences. Great for a summer holiday!