Cosmetic TEETH WHITENING on holiday in Tyrol

Our beauty team has undertaking special training to enable us to offer you cosmetic teeth whitening during your holiday at the Bellevue.

It is possible to whiten your teeth by 2-9 shades. The results last for up to six months (depending on the consumption levels of red wine, coffee, tea and nicotine). This gentle form of cosmetic teeth whitening does not harm dentine, teeth enamel, filling surfaces or veneers. The inside of the tooth (pulp) is not damaged either.

For an even more radiant smile

Our teeth have the natural tendency to yellow over the years. Consuming coffee, tea, fruit juice, fizzy drinks, red wine and nicotine also contributes to our lovely white teeth becoming gradually more yellow. Our Smile’Up teeth whitening service offers you ‘Classico’ and ‘Rapido’ treatments to achieve astonishing results that make your smile even more radiant.

Tips about teeth whitening on your holiday at the Bellevue

This cosmetic teeth whitening only works on natural teeth. Healthy teeth and gums (achieved by having good oral hygiene and regular tartar removal) are the prerequisites for a successful result. Discolouring due to illness cannot be removed by cosmetic teeth whitening.

During the period immediately after the Smile’Up treatment, we recommend that you have nothing to eat or drink (except water) and that you do not smoke for four hours afterwards.

Teeth whitening on holiday - the prices

FORMULA CLASSICO: takes 36 minutes, €99.00

FORMULA RAPIDO: takes 20 minutes, €69.00

A good opportunity - cosmetic teeth whitening on holiday in Tyrol! Book your appointment now.

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